Yamaha 90 spits and sputters

I have a 2005 Yamaha 90 2 stroke that when I cut it off for a few minutes to let the kids swim it spits and sputters and surges for fuel until I prime the bulb again. Also when I’m running at higher rpms for a while it starts the same thing until we prime the bulb. I replaced the bulb and line going to separator and ran it in the yard today and I can still hear a skip while running at 3500 rpms or so. What else can it be?

Does the bulb say “Attwood” on it?

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Yami 70 2-stroke, same thing. Mech said the carbs were gummed up. Usually mid-summert the carbs are gummed up enough

New instructions for winterizing, DUE to Ethanol in the fuel, at winterizing, treat the tank of gas as normal, then run the boat full-speed in water to get both the high speed & low speed jets/bowls treated (hard to do in NJ in December cold…).

Just running the outboard on a flush kit (ie below 1200RPM) treating the gas doesn’t open the high speed jets with the treated gas.

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When I flush my 90, I unhook the gas line when it’s done and let it run out of gas. If there’s nothing in there to evaporate and leave behind “gum” (ethanol residue) then they can’t gum up…has worked well for a few years now with no carb issues.

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