Yamaha f150

So my engine won’t go in reverse. Even with throttle in neutral position, it’s in gear when it cranks. The throttle won’t go into reverse position, except when I push the button that normally disengages the prop and allows you to rev up the engine, and when doing this the trottle will go to reverse position but the engine is still stuck/thrusting in forward. I can’t turn the prop with my hand now that I’ve got boat on the trailer. Obviously something in the foot. Any advice?

For starters, your neutral safety switch should prevent the engine from starting in gear. Have you checked to see if the shift linkage isn’t stuck?

I know some of the early F 150’s had shift shafts, that weren’t stainless, and would seize up. Usually you could free them by tapping up, and down.

The shift shaft could’ve also come apart. causing your issue, as well as a stretched/broken shift cable.

Either way, it shouldn’t be a terribly tough repair. And, I doubt it’s catastrophic failure of the lower unit.

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Thanks mixed! I tried manually moving it in the engine, and I still can’t get the prop to release or get it to slide to reverse. It slides up to forward and will slide back a little but it’s got tension on it keeping it from sliding. I’ve tried using my foot to kick the prop while trying to get it to slide backwards but no dice yet. I’m no mechanic but I YouTubes it. Any other suggestions?

Have you tried disconnecting the cables at the linkage, on the engine, and manually operating the linkage?

Did this problem occur all of a sudden, or have you, or someone else, been installing a new impeller/water pump, lately?
If that’s the case, you have the shift shaft misaligned, and need to start over.

All of a sudden. Was working fine yesterday and fouled when we were pulling the anchor.

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Have you disconnected the cables, to make sure the shifter isn’t fouled.

My only other suggestion would be to drop the lower unit, and inspect the shift shaft for damage.

After a little more research, it sounds like the retainer clips, on some of those Yammies are notorious for coming off.

Are you sure the shift cable is connected to the linkage?

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I disconnected the metal arm that comes off the shift cable and fits over that sliding blue piece underneath the cowling. When I try to manually slide the blue piece it won’t move. It looks like it’s properly pulling on the metal arm that comes out the front of the engine, its just tension/something keeping it from shifting.

Like I said above, it might be time to drop the lower unit, and inspect the shift shaft, for corrosion, and damage?

Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.

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So it turns out I have broken shift shaft and the housing it goes into is all buggared up. I am told I need a whole new lower unit. If anyone has a bead on lower unit for F150 25 inch shaft, I am in the market.

I’ll check around up here, and see what I can come up with.