Yamaha F225 Won't Start

Motor is a 2005 F225. I ran the boat this weekend and everything was fine. When I got home and went to flush the motors, the starboard motor won’t start. The starter will engage for about 2 seconds and turn the motor over about 1/8 of a turn and then nothing. I checked voltage at all 3 batteries and the voltage at the terminals at the motor and all are reading 12.7 volts. I haven’t checked the terminals at the actual starter yet but that will be my next move this evening (I checked the terminals at the end of the battery cables under the rubber boots - the starter terminals are difficult to get at because they’re behing the intake manifold). Also, if I try to crank it about 3 or 4 times, sometimes I will hear a clicking noise for about 5 seconds after I release the ignition key. Could this potentially be a bad starter relay or solenoid? I’m very early on in the troubleshooting phase but wanted to ask to see if this may be a common problem with an easy solution…wishful thinking. I need to get this thing sorted out by tomorrow or I’ll have to cancel my plans to fish the tournament this weekend…

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Steve call Buddy West at carolina Auto Electric.722 4171 Sounds like a starter problem.He will fix that for you fast.Tell him about the tournament.


check your PM’s

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Not trying to be a smart ellic here, but I had a buddy call me last weekend complaining of pretty much the same issue. Boat had been running all day just fine, got home to flush and nothing.

His lanyard wasn’t all the way in place and it wasn’t allowing the motor to start. He had his tools out and carb cleaner and all kinds of crap. Don’t overlook the simple things. Hope it’s nothing serious.

lanyard wont stop motor from turning over
doesnt sound like a starter, sounds more like a battery cable issue, between the battery and the starter.
I know you have 12 volts at the motor, but test it again, this time, while someone is trying to start teh motor, and i bet you a glass of tea, that the voltage drops below 9-10 volts, probably more like 7-8.

the clicking noise after releasing the key, is normal.


Forgot I even posted this. Thanks for the replies but I ended up fixing it last Thursday. Chris V, you hit the nail on the head. It was simply a loose battery connection at one of the switches. I tightened everything up and it cranked right up.

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by loose connection, do you mean at the ignition switch? I am having the same issue also with a 2005 f225. I pulled both batteries, cleaned all terminals, wire ends, and the ground connection. The yamaha digital gage reads over 12 volts when the key is turned half way, all electronics work, but nothing to the motor when the ignition is turned all the way and the yahmah gages reset or fade. thinking it is time for a new ignition switch?

Had a similar problem with my 150-turned out it was caused by a corroded neg bat cable connected to the MOTOR!

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yep checked the big pos and neg connection inside the motor and re-tightened; also pulled the perko battery switch and cleaned/reset those connections. still same thing - no power to motor trim, no starter turn, digital gages blink and reset when the trim or ignition key is turned. all other eletronics work. even disconnected the stereo amplifier. only thing left I can do is replace ignition switch and replace perko battery switch. stumped…

use a set of jumpercables along side the battery cables and see if it will start