Yamaha mechanic

Who would you take your motor too to have semi minor work done. I’m having a shift/throttle issue. Need to have work done ASAP. My son is on leave from USMC before leaving for 2 yr deployment and I want to take him out this weekend.
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I bought my boat from Hall Marine. They’ve been accommodating and are an authorized Yamaha dealer. Unfortunately I’ve had several repairs to be completed and they are always pleasant and down to earth people. Price wise I believe they’re comparable to most dealer/mechanics in the area but I can’t be too sure because I haven’t really searched else where. You might want to call around though. Mid-Summer…everyone is on the water…boats are gonna be in the shop. Tell them your situation and they’ll probably help you out.

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Give Chas. Marine a shout.or Hanckel,Seels or Fathom That marine.

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Thanks for the recommendations guys

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