Yamaha Prop delays

I re powered my boat last year and ordered a 4 blade prop. The delivery date keeps getting pushed to the right. The most current arrival date is AUG. Has anyone else experienced delays from Yamaha? I’m considering cancelling the order and go with a different brand. Any recommendations on a stainless 4 blade prop for Yamaha 90?Thanks

Use the ‘prop finder’ on this site.


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I ran a 4 blade solas on a 150 4stroke Yamaha with good results.

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I see you have a Maverick, if you call Maverick/Hewes/Pathfinder they will refer you directly to Powetech. I repowered a Hewes not long ago and was trying to get it propped right and called Hewes and they put me in touch with Powertech. I went traditional 3 blade; evidently the four blades change up your backing ability a lot.

Keep your order standing so you dont loose your place in line. You should have a backup prop anyways.

Lots of people are having that problem. Brand new boats with Yamaha motors are arriving with Merc Props because Yamaha cant make them fast enough.

I’m running a Mercury Fury 4 on a 250 Yamaha SHO. Prior to that was a Mercury Tempest. Not sure what size you need but Merc has been making performance props for a long time. Some would say noticeably better.

I second Reelescape … Powertech. They do everything BETTER than any other prop supplier. These Cajuns MAKE the props and they are pure wizards.

Think of it this way, Yamaha does not make their own props, they outsource them as do others. That’s why there’s a backlog IMO. Going straight to the actual source - who will actually talk with you about your needs is the only way for me. I have not run any other prop in the past 30 years on various brands of boats and motors. I’ve had triple digit cat hulls to bay boats to creek boats, and they have dialed me in every time without fail. They want to know specifics about your boat, the motor etc and will swap out a prop if its not right and not abused on trial. Try to get your Yamaha dealer to do that.

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