Yea, Better Knot!

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The suspending twitch bait doesnt want to load… guess it wants to remain secret until it’s hanging on a fishlip! Ha
Ready for the morning…

Is that middle pic a braid to fluoro knot?

Indeed it is… Uni to uni… 6 wraps on the flouro, always at least 12 wraps with the braid. Fast and easy. Not quite as small as the fg, but good enough for the weekend.

Usually run a loop knot, but experimenting tomorrow with the new yozuri!

You ever see/use a sebile knot?

I like it, it goes thru the tip eye like butter

I haven’t but I do like their lures. I’ll look it up

It’s the same as the fg/ft knot haha

It’s a good knot too

Not exactly fg, but yeah the same.

It is easier for me to tie and has its taper on the leading edge, so thats why I like it.

It really is better for bigger test leaders like 50lbs and up

catch em up, cant wait to see the pics

Lil breezy… but here we go…

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Our younger days we were showing off women on our hit list, now we showing off our boats and knots to tie… aging just fine if you ask me!!!

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How bout i show off the dink I caught this morning now…

Missed probably the biggest blow up you could ask for right after this guy then proceeded to get blown all over the river this morning and it was no fun…
Ill try again in the morning!


I had a few blow ups this morning but no keepers.Not sure what’s going on at bushy but I think some illegals are keeping everything.I’ve not been checked in a long time.

Top water was a bust on Sat. I did end up with my first slam in a long time though! The weather Saturday was great, then almost needed my boat in my yard yesterday, sheesh!

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