Yellow House Creek 10/25 Report

Started around 8 AM Sunday 10/25 (High to Low) at Bushy Park with no luck at all in about 7 - 8 ft of water. No bait running in the shallow creeks. Decided to move to Yellow House Creek around 10 AM (Mid Tide)and found the Reds quickly. All fish were posted on the creek mouths ambushing bait. We only used Carolina Rigs with live Muds. 4 slots and 1 over in 45 minutes. Falling tide in about 4ft of water at the mouth of creeks is the ticket and the trend I have seen fishing yellow house in October for 15 years. Hopefully that helps someone out. All released successfully.

Great report and one of my stops when fishing the cooper. I usually pick up more trout than reds.


Didn’t get told to leave???:sunglasses:


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Nice fish! Thanks for the report.

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Nice! Report :smiley:

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Really excellent color on that red in the second picture…

No matter how many variables I have control over, I never expect a bite. I only hope.

Thanks for sharing, that second one is gorgeous.

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