Yellow House

Several small trout.One keeper at 15 inches and a nice legal flounder.Several blues and lady fish.Big lady fish chasing bait by the 526 bridge.I say big 2- pounders.

Yea I saw all that bait chasing action as well over there from under the bridge all the way to the north end of clouter/south end of yellow! Funny how you came to my side to fish around as I was on your side doing the same! Put in at limehouse bridge and went south and had a little bit of luck. fished a few docks and some nice oyster beds… picked up few dink reds and a hooked a huge ray! I figure it was a ray cause it never ran until I picked up my reel to check the bait then it took off into some pilings! I have had spotails do the same but can usually tell when they suck to the bottom it’s a ray!

Fishing Nerd

“you win some, you lose some…but nothing beats getting some!”