yellowfin on the BI-OP-SEA

Just got back from another good trip on the BI-OP-SEA with cap. Jesse and mate Chris. What a crew these guys are,they worked there magic for us sunday for a limit of 18 yellowfins out of Oregon Inlet.
The weather was not a problem after we got accrossed the bar outside the inlet.(that was a treat)the 2 hr run northeast into the 4-6 footers seemed like nothing in the big (59’)Spencer.The tuna were snapping as soon as we put the spread out and we quickly boxed 5 yellowfins.We did have several clean bite offs with one being the teaser hanging under the rigger as we fought the tunas, the capt jerked it away several times only to get the big Islander snapped off in the end.We ended the day 2 hrs early with a limit of 18 fish in the box.They weren’t the biggest tunas I’ve caught but it was still a great day for me and the rest of my guys to finally get a shot at a box full of fish. In the end we came home with 18 tunas no wahoos ,no bills we did see some sharks on the troll but they stayed away from our offerings.All tuna caught on ballyhoo and sea witches in 70 something deg. water. We took a side of tuna to a local restaurant for some seared tuna steaks to top off a good day on the water.Thanks to the guys on the trip Mike,brothers John and Dave and the father and son team of Jeff and Cory.Let do it again in the spring guys.Pictures can be seen at (11/22)or .Jeff

Nice! That boat does right like a champ. Have been in similar seas on that boat sleeping like a baby.

Thanks for the report Jeff, wish I was there.

Lets cross some Eyes.

Thanks Jeff Next time you come up let me know by phone or email I may be able to set you up in my house at Pirates Cove. Appreciate your support of Jesse and Chris. These times are tough for the Charter fishermen. We are hauling the boat next week to rebuild the gears and finish the interior work we started last year. Getting ready to get to Mexico for those sails. Just got back from Guatamala with Capt. Brad Philips. He has quite a good operation with a private house and great attention to detail by his wife , who is the chef, she sets up all the charters, even asks what you like to eat and don’t, has a drink of your choice every day when you come back from fishing and has every one on time for where you need to go. Excellent trip. Recommend to all. We were in the Presidential Cup with Joan Vernon who put on a great tournament. We got lucky and ended up second against some very good teams. The bite was slow in Guatamalian terms, we released 38 sails and a blue. I could not imagine the bite two week prior with 112 sails in 3 days, THATS FISHING!!! Thanks Again. Dell Dembosky,MD 843-454-6405 email


I really enjoyed the trip Jeff,Hope to do it again in the spring.Capt. Jesse and Chris are a 1st class team.

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