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I am shopping the Sportsman Masters boats hard. Really hard. I had my mind set on the 227, still do really, but am seeing some 207’s that are catching my eye due mainly to the price differences.

How do you like your 207? Pros and Cons? Is the same year used boat and motor in the 227 worth the average $10,000 difference? Would you buy that same boat again? Is the 150 enough power?

Thanks in advance for the input.


Plus, here is an example.

Is this a deal?

verses this one?


Here’s some good info on the Sportsman brand, from owners.

Not specifically the 207, or 227, but some good feedback overall…


Hey EF, sorry for the delay. I have been on business trips to Jacksonville and Charlotte in the past week, and haven’t logged in.

I LOVE my Masters 207. The initial quality checks coming out of the plant suck and on the forum that’s a lot of the complaining you will see there. Mine was no different. That being said, once you get the initial BS resolved, this boat is great. I don’t think they make the 207 any more by the way. One thing I would say is the 207 MUST have tabs due to its short size. It is a total game changer. I have the 150 and it’s perfect for it.

So let me tell you the + and -.


The ride is very, very soft. Better than almost any boat I’ve been on, including high end Scouts.
The cap design on the 2018 and newer is great, well laid out and very fishable. Plenty of casting decks and storage
I love the dual release wells. I don’t fish live bait but as y’all know I’m all about catch and release. One of the wells is wired with an air bubbler, and I wired my second one as well. This is key when fishing a redfish tourney. You can put a couple fish in each well and they are good all day if needed. I always keep one full so I can put a good trout in there while I get my camera and ruler ready and minimize time out of water before release.
The bilge! I can fit my entire 6 ft body inside the bilge to work on stuff. If you have ever owned a boat where you can barely fit your arm though a little hole, you will appreciate the bilge so much.
Hull is super solid. Compare the construction to other brands. Sportsman has a mold for the hull structure that they bond to the hull before lifting out of the mold. Keeps everything straight and consistent - and solid. No creaks, vibration or flexing when pounding through heavy chop. I won’t name other brands and how they do it, but do your research.
I like that its not too big. So many people want bigger, but everything get simpler with smaller. I had Charleston Trailer build me a one axle trailer for it and its going strong after 6 years.

Minuses - Some of the naggy things about it

The console is not waterproof. It will always have a half inch of water in it after washing or a day on the water. I just get in there with a towel and dry it out, but it drives me crazy.
Thats it. Thats my list of negatives.

I’ve owned several boats but this one I will keep for a long time.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that. Have you looked at the 214 or the 227? I like them all, its a price thing. From what I can see there isn’t a great deal of difference. Thoughts (anyone)

I didn’t look at either of those for the same reason: Budget. My salesperson at Hanckel told me the ride on the Masters was much better than the Tournament 214. I didn’t sea trial the 214 but as I said above the ride on my 207 is among the best of any boat I’ve been on. The 214 has lower gunnels and drafts a couple inches less. The 227 is probably almost the same boat but a little more room behind the leaning post.

I’m busy as hell lately but I’d be happy to take you out in mine

Thats a nice offer, thanks. Raincheck?

I got interested in them because I fished a couple days on the 227 and liked it a lot. a whole lot really.

Then I started pricing them and saw the 207’s for less money and have to reconsider, so thats why I was asking.

I guess when it comes right down to it (and its coming right down to it) I have a budget and I’ll likely still get a Sportsman Masters, just looking for the best bang for the buck.

Thanks again for the offer and the info.



I just was visiting your website and watched the RO20 video, good stuff, glad you mentioned Bob too, he helped “turned the light on” for a lot of us it would appear.

Just thought you’d like to know that I tried to link the RO20 video here, but youtube wouldn’t allow it.

Also, I got the 207 after a ton of deliberation. Only had it wet for about 4 or 5 hours so far (weather sux), but lets just say Daddy Like. Its my first Simrad too, with both good transducers, so I pity the fish, lol.

A plethora of knowledge in that video, thanks for that too.


Thanks EF! I’m assuming you are referring to the Haddrell’s Expo seminar recording? Bob Sanders will always be a hero of mine, may he rest in peace. Proud to have been friends with him. A true “waterman”. There is a ton more info on our releaseover20.org website by the way.

Glad you like your 207. I will probably have mine for a long, long time even will repower someday that’s how much I like the hull. Hope you like yours as much I have mine :slight_smile:

Thanks again,