Yo OTC, Check This Out

I don’t do cruises.
My wife for years has wanted to go on a cruise… My daughter and son-in-law are going on a cruise in October.
I see they’re going to have Molly hatchet foghat and a couple other bands.
I’m guessing they would have to have handicap ramps installed for them to get up on stage.
Never seen either one of them in concert.
I did see Danny Joe Brown before he died. He sat in with bounty Hunter at a little hole in the wall bar (side door) in North Myrtle Beach

Everyone should do a cruise we had a blast on the 3 island Caribbean one way back in 1998 those memories last a lifetime

Do it!

Too crowded for me.
And most everybody on there are probably a bunch of yuppie weekend warriors.

The trick is go with a group of people you like we went with 7 other couples and you could go with all, some or none. It was a blast!