Yoooooo. Everyone

Any of the originals from this page still out there ?

Right here son

What up spanish moss!!!

What’s up fellas . Long time

Hopefully you’re still out there tearing up the sheepies

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Got 3rd in the cca Saturday on sheeps

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I thought your computer finger broke

Bonzo still living his victory up from back in the day. Check the back room at Bessingers for a sneaky picture hanging up.

Congrats on 3rd! How big was your first from the winners?

Yooo what’s up!? Circa 2012’ here. Welcome back and congrats on the podium placement win.

That’s a blast from the past. See if you can get Bonzo to post.

so let’s get going on the vague and fuzzy humorous posts of yesteryear. You still got the fish whistle?

I always laughed when I read your signature line… “I’m so Charleston i got spanish moss on my balls!!”

Damoons, post up some pictures from the tournament; I wanna see the big sheepies!

I’m still around.

i think i’ve only been around for a year. didn’t really know it was such a page. was using facebook, but there is so much crap on there, i stay away from it now. Would be awesome to have a chat feature or something like slack or skype to keep live.

Fish whistle is still in affect . Anybody fishing this weekend ?

Boats in the water son. I go just about every night.

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Ricky lives a life the rest of us can only dream of. I want to be him in my next life.

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Anniversary weekend, I’ll be on the boat but not sure about the fishing part. Probably just ride, grill some food, and find a sand bar to walk. Not sure were We’ll put in yet.

I did see that Beaufort county caught a dude cutting catalytic converters at Greys Hill landing this past weekend. He got several charges to include illegal gun carry, but they did not lock him up.

Fish whistle… :upside_down_face:

I’m on call and have some work to do at home, but maybe a daybreak top water excursion is in the cards… too early to tell. Flip a coin

Dude, my boat’s in the water most of the time. Let me know when you can go and we’ll go hit up topwater. I’m free most mornings.