you ever get "that" feeling?

usually when I’m deciding to go fishing I don’t try to get myself worked up too much, but sometimes I just know in my gut how things are going to turn out

last 2 trips I went on when I woke up, I just knew it wasn’t meant to be. I still went and well yeah, not the results you would want

been working a lot lately and it’s been torturous when I know in my gut that my buddies are slaying em offshore and well it turned out, yes, they did slay em

3 weekends ago, I woke up and just knew it was game on. finished the day with 40 something triggers…

Usually my gut’s dead on, something’s wrong with me… :smiley:

“mr keys”
“mr trigger”

You have to be the ball…
You’re setting your own destiny.


feeling was good today…:wink:

“mr keys”