You Go Elon Musk

The left is beside themselves with his attempt to purchase Twitter.

Could we even imagine actual truth coming out???

IS Free Speech possible??

Let’s hope!!


Well the government broke up AT&t.
Why the hell ain’t they breaking up Facebook???

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

He’s going to force them to sell and it will be at a lower price. It may take a stock holder lawsuit or an SEC investigation.

Go Elon.

Pioneer 197SF

It never ceases to amaze me how the left is supposedly all about acceptance, tolerance and freedom…except when it is anything they disagree with, dislike or is contrary to what they believe. THEN, it is a “danger” to America. I’ve said it hundreds of times, liberalism = hypocrisy.

Shutting down anything you do not agree with is not freedom, it is authoritarian and we might as well live in a dictatorship (Russia, China). These people are either too stupid to understand or live in an alternate universe because the government they seem to want now may not be the government they want down the road.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Me thinks they’ll pick around the edges to make you believe they stopped the evil big tech baddies but they won’t change the Kenyan’s fundamental change of the 4th branch of unelected gummit officials censoring and spying on any MAGAmerica1st individual, entity or nonbianary

don’t fear Lindsey Graham will get to the bottom of this unfortunate situation and eliminate the Patriot Act too

He’s got $46.5 billion in funding lined up, more than he needs. That group could easily set up four companies that would buy 13% of the stock each, and own 52% of the company without triggering the poison pill. At that point the takeover is done.

The directors being paid millions would be thrown out, the restricting libs fired and the company rebuilt. The stock price would have risen far beyond what they paid for it.

Pioneer 197SF

I like how you think!! :+1:

You seen any of the news clips were the media reporters are pizzed off because if Elon takes over they can no longer tell us all what to think, because that is their job. Seriously.

Do you think Musk knows that Twitter is only operationally as long as the user processing systems remain on the backbone of U.S. government big data architecture? You think the 4th branch want Americans to find out there tax $ has been supporting spying on and censoring opposition to their brain washin? If Musk is the new savior then he must have a secret operational system to move to the 4th branch isn’t aware of?

Steve Bannon’s Warroom has been a helluva more effective in change. Notice they brought back the Kenyan to smear him cuz the left always shows you who they fear

Betsy Woodruff Swan
New: Twitter’s top lawyer - a key player in the decision to remove Trump from the platform - reassured staff and cried in a meeting on the Musk takeover

It is hilarious how the left is losing their minds over this. Are they afraid of being censored or are they afraid of others NOT being censored? What a fragile bunch of folks.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

As I recall it was the mean tweets that upset the left more than anything else.

I for one hope they choke on the new ones.

For the record, I have never tweeted, instagrammed, facebooked, nor enjoyed a huge pithy turnip.

You might be more hard headed than me!!! No one but a big fat hog or my deer likes a pithy turnip. Yuk.

Trump has stated he will not return to twitter… Dang it!! But he has been known to change his mind over issues. I was looking forward to “mean” tweets from him.

I guess if you are so fragile that words hurt your feelings (words uttered by a total stranger), maybe you should stay off social media. I don’t tweet, Fakebook, Tik Tok, Instagram or any of that stuff so in the end, I really don’t care but, I think the reaction by so many on the left is hilarious. They loved conservatives being censored when that was happening.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

I probably shouldn’t say this here, but when Have I held my tongue? I have been watching a lot of tic toc… no replies or comments just skipping through the junk and laughing my tail off at some of the stuff. Yes a lot of trash that I just skip by, but there is some darn interesting stuff. The wife gave me heck for it the other night sitting outside with a mixed drink and laughing by myself. She said I was stupid for looking at it. :smiley: Maybe.

God Help Us!!

Just got off the mower and had Tucker on. They are now creating another agency called “Disinformation Governance Board”.

To be run by the DHS.

Elon has them running scared, and the DEM"s wanna step in to control Twitter I’m guessing…

We are falling fast, with our freedoms…


the morons won’t close down our borders to the millions of illegals that have come across our borders and still thousands daily, but will start a disinformation board?!! Like our Government would know disinformation. Oh wait, I know! Everything any conservative says is “disinformation”!!

Control over Freedom.