You see the darndest things off Oregon Inlet

Over Memorial Day weekend, I spent 4 days off of the Outer Banks. 1 day was out of Hatteras Inlet on the Stormy Petrel II and 3 days were out of Oregon Inlet on the Country Girl. I wasn’t a “paying customer” - this was a working gig.

On May 27 we saw the following just inshore of the 1,500 fathom curve:

A couple of people on the boat said “Wonder how much it’s worth?” Big Al Foreman (owner and captain of the Country Girl) replied:

“15 to Life, most likely.”

Good answer. Someone else said the Coast Guard has been known to put out decoy bales with tracking devices, but the guy is a known paranoid.

Anyway, Al called a nearby Coast Guard cutter and they launched their Zodiac to investigate:

Fishing was slow compared to most years, but still fairly good. Too ■■■■ many Dolphin, 3-for-6 on Blue Marlin, 3 'Hoos (Dolphin wouldn’t let many baits past them), 1 Blackfin.


I was boarded by that exact boat when they did an exchange with the guys from charleston… I was boarded about 50 miles offshore of savannah…i think the name was the Staten Island or something like that…that bag looks like a few hundred lbs of the good ****…nice catch…

Did the CG tell you what they found?

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That CG boat looks scary even when your behavin’.

You see a few of those off of Morehead City area (Drum Inlet).

So that’s where the square grouper bite’s been going off.

Was it holding any fish? Seems like they would bite with munchies and all!:smiley:

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I saw a coast guard boat back at the dock and the crew was smoking left-handed cigarettes:smiley::smiley:

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“Did the CG tell you what they found?”

– Not that I know of, but I don’t know if Al asked. We were too far away to see much after they got it back to the cutter. My guess is that it was a big bale of cannabis.

Radio chatter said there were two Panamanian freighters in the area… I wonder what folks will be finding on the beach in Scotland later this week?
‘Hoot man, is that contraband under your kilt, or the latest E.D. remedy gone haywire?’

“Was it holding any fish”

Yes. There were birds around it too, which is what led us over to it. We caught 2 Bull Dolphin right next to it on the first pass (one was big - about 35#). As we got them to the boat, we looked for more Mahi schooling with them, but there weren’t any. As we were deciding whether to make another pass or head for a bigger ■■■■■ of birds over yonder, The man in the Blue Suit blows through, smacks the Kona Fish Head Slant lure (black and purple + pink skirt) and then plays peekaboo at us one more time before disappearing.

Maybe hemp oil turns on the fish bite…


PS Kona Fishhead Slant sounds so politically incorrect. Like a captain cursing some no-good dock hand in Honokohau Harbor.