Youngen Style Charters - 1/2 Day Trip

Took a buddy from work and his daughter out for a half day trip since that’s all the time they had before his youngest birthday party was this afternoon…anyways it wasn’t like last weekend but when kids are use to pond fishing, which we all love to do as kids as well as up to the current day, and my youngen tells them are you physically prepared to do tug of war for an hour then you came to the right girl!!! Between 18-33 lbs. were the largest opponents today and this girl ran close to 30 laps around the boat with drag screaming but she came to the top of the podium all smiles! Getcha some of that adrenaline pumping pics!
Youngen Style


Can’t fake smiles like that

that’s awesome

Putting on a show! I can dig it. You guys know how to have a good time on the water :+1:

Definitely making some good memories there!

Nice!! [10 character protocol]

Everyone in those photos is handling sharks the correct way. Great job! I’m guessing no one lost a pinky !

23sail…everyone good! I will tell you when a green one lands in the boat we all head to high ground as if someone dropped a lit bottle rocket on the dirt…

Awesome work!