Youngen Style Charters 2023 - 3rd Trip

Well I was instructed to hit the water today before the rain comes…I already knew we’d get wet and cold in order to get land locked in the creek but sometimes if you want to get a 5 star rating you make sacrifices and take it on the chin. Another successful trip today despite the water quality and hard tide pull but she got it done again! Biggest of the day was this 27" stud
Youngen Style


You get your 5 stars.

:star2: :star2::star2::star2::star2:

What were they eating?

Spinnerbait for the biggest and shrimp out performed muddies 5 fish to 1 hit…water temp back up to 55.5° and that’s 0.5° above my spinnerbait cut off for winter reds.

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:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: as well!

You let your dad pull on one every once in awhile.
That’s great y’all get to spend time together like that.

This was when she was 4 years old…these were hers and this stuff happened on a regular basis unfortunately. She would and could outfish any grown man from the back of the boat and call her shots in the opposite direction of where the fish were at. To top it off she could put her bait where ours were and catch 5-6 fish before ours would get hit 8)


Keep it up!

My Daughter is 23, and has fished her whole life. Beats all the boy’s on tackle and knowledge. Can’t wait to fish with me!

As long as it’s not Offshore…

Go figure…

Well i do he fishes without me sometimes and he might catch something but with me until i physically cant lift up the rod or he is using something different no can do

This thread made my day. Great job dad!

Nice report

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