Youngen Style Charters - checking in

Well we gave this site the opportunity to do some posting for 2 weeks and…well…she’s back at it again! Got tired of catching 10 pounders over and over and over we decided to get away from the “small” ones 8)
Hit the guaranteed hole and judt like that, she was hooked up!!! Lost a few bumping the upper 50 pound range to the mid 60 pound range but she just couldn’t catch a break…except leaders breaking, hooks breaking, line breaking, etc. Didn’t take many pics due to the gore the sharks were painting the red food coloring. Still fun and makes some of you get that urge to post again so get after it!!!
Youngen Style


Nice work!

Keep it up!

Are those Menhaden in your cast net?

If so, I wouldn’t have expected them to be that size this early?

Yes, i was shocked too…straight to the deep freezer they go for the future

Y’all’s smiles says it all…

I thought I saw penfish, not Menhaden? Am I wrong?

Menhaden 100%