Youngen Style Charters - Mr. No Show make up day

So with that title on the line, my buddy came in hot…then realized that there was no safe word that could make my youngen stop the ego crushing events that continued to happen all day! I thought I had done my job on the boat as bait man but nope, these 3 ran me dry early in the trip and I had to black out the livewell a 2nd time. Broke my scale on a 30+ pounder when he shook before the scale had stopped climbing and i dropped him in the boat…keep the pinky safe!!! Absolute blast! Even got a double to show you folks. Blacktips, Bonnetheads, Atlantic Sharpnose, and big Hammerheads was the ones playing today. Gonna throw some Tiktok videos up of some of the drag screamers that i listened too alllllllllllll day long.
Youngen Style


R.I.P in the chat for the scale and todds rod 2022-2022 they didn’t live a long life.Couldnt catch a thing in the rod and the scale broke now.#Curse has been lifted.I would say fly high little scale but it went down quicker than going up so fly low little scale you lived a ok life.

Another steller report! Love seeing these!

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Double fisheded! Nicely done! Looks like the weather didn’t catch up to yall too bad at all

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You need to let your dad pull on 1 ever once in awhile.

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I do once in a while like you said.Once in a while in my terms is when i cant hold the rod anymore cause of how tired i am.He is nailing the bait so he catches something maybe not a nice shark but its something.

Do you keep any for dinner?

Negative…just do it for the fun! Kids sure do love big fish and drag screaming

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We’ll be down next week for our week vacation & would like to let the kids get to hear the braid scream.
Any advice on what rig, bait, and general idea of where to drop some bait for inshore sharks?
You seem to be the shark whisper on here.

The tarpon should be moving around pretty good. Depending on the weather the wife and I might try to make a tarpon trip to Georgetown this weekend

areeldrag…I believe i sent you a message. If you don’t get it and i will send you my number through this chat

I replied to your PM, i think.