Youngen Style Charters - Repeat Customer

So when her friend said yes she was game for round 2 I said let’s ride clyde! Not a numbers day but quality every cast! 3-6 footers all day consistently with a couple break offs due to getting spooled and a couple that got landed after spooling them to the knot. 10-30 pounders all day long! Guys play hard but Youngens play to win! Side note, best day ever for me…they let me catch 2 pin fish, 1 whiting, and 2 croaker! Youngen Style - Boys / Men beware!!!@



Thanks for pics and report!

Keep an eye on the Bonnetheads. My daughter missed a Women’s all tackle IGFA record a couple of years ago, by a few ounces. We couldn’t weigh the fish for several hours, due to DNR being closed, during Covid lockdowns, and a certified scale being out of reach for several hours.
The fish would have been a record if weighed in a timely manner.

So they let you catch some bait ??
As usual great post…

Looks like y’all had an awesome time, great job.

Yeah he did a ok bait man for today definitely did ok as net man also.Never heard someone complain so much about catching big sharks until today.

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Out-freaking-standing! Some great pics too. Thanks for sharing!



Catching FRESH bait, too.

Brings back old memories, gonna try that again with my grandson hopefully???

Love catching sharks, used to love eating them too, when you could keep them.

Man they puttin the beat down on them sharks. They are handling them better than alot of grown men.Sweet!