Youth Tourney fishing (sorry DF)

Fished the second annual SSWA Youth Tourney today. Had Thing 1, Thing 2 and a friend whose Dad is serving over in Afghanistan aboard.

Hit a favorite low tide spot in the morning and found they liked Gulp shrimp. I caught a couple trout and a red, then Meg caught a little trout on a green curly tail.

If the bait busted a fish was under it! E-dog tossed into a ruckus and pulled out a slot red on the Gulp. The spot died and we tossed the net for a few of those finger mullet they were so excited about!

Hit another spot and our friend had a FM on a jighead. He thought he was hung up until the hangup shot upstream!:smiley: Another slot red, virtually identical to E-dogs.

We tried Clouter but it was like the Autobahn! Boats flying. We said screw it, youth tourney - lets act like youths! Spent about 1/2 hour swimming and jumping off of the boat in the no wake! It was fun and the water was PERFECT!

Tried a couple more spots, swam a little more, then headed to weigh in. Ethan’s friend beat him by an ounce for 1st place in redfish. It was nice to see about 10 kids there that fished the tourney.:smiley:

Fish liked the Gulp shrimp, any color, fished with a slow, shrimp-like demeanor. Banks with drop-offs seem to hold fish best. Water about 83 degrees. One red caught on finger mullet.

Thanks DFreedom. After fishing with you yesterday we knew exactly where NOT to fish! LOL! I owe you one!:wink:



Great pics Vince. Love the upside down pic. 5 of those kids are my neighbors aka the “Wescott Posse”.

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Good job as usual, Vin. Congrats to Ethan’s friend, as well as Ethan himself.

On another note, you need to set E-Dog’s friend straight: his hat’s on point, but the shirt…not so much…:wink:

“I’m not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now…”

Well THAT figures! Was that MY green curly tail?

Oh well, at least you knew where NOT to go. Glad ya’ll got on em.

We’ll get em next time.

BB, the boy is an enigma. His Dad would beat him with an Alabama flag if he saw him wearing all of that! LOL! He explained it but it made my head hurt.

Yes, DF, that was THE curly tail. It was on my center console and Meg was “inspired”. 5 cast later, well… I think it was a day think, not a spot thing. Same thought pattern (except for structure), different creek.

Good crew, Opti!

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Great report Vince. Wish my nephew was in town. He is dying to go and would love to take him again.

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