Yum worms or Zoom worms to use in the salt.

I like to use trout tricks occasionally, but sometimes its nice to get a cheap pack of bait, when throwing in high risk areas. Trout trick worm is a buck, and a zoom worm a few cents. Any folks use a pack of zoom or yum worms from time to time?

Zoom 6" Dead Ringer in Junebug is pretty close.

u aint kidding, lol

Yes, various brands & sizes from 4" to 14". I used a lot of ribbontail worms in tidal water when I lived in MD for Striped bass. Caught plenty of LM in the same waters on those same worms. I used them as eel imitations, but frankly we can never really know what the fish mistake them for.

I’ve used Zoom a lot since many places sell them, and Culprit & Yum, and Berkley, but also Bass Pro shops brand & Academy Sports, and some other lesser known brands. I like the Zoom Brush Hogs & the smaller versions too for bass fishing and the Culprit Incredi-Craw which is similar, but also caught Stripers on them in saltwater, and believe they took them as a crab or shrimp. Just because it’s made for freshwater & bass, doesn’t mean it won’t work in saltwater & for other fish. I’ve also tried some the house brand baits that Barlow’s Tackle sells. I’ve caught some salt species on lizards a few times. No idea what they took them as, but they sure move different than most any saltwater lure you’ll ever see.

If you want some really different baits and colors, take a look at Cache Custom Baits. They have a website & a bunch of different bass baits that will work in saltwater too.

As far as Trout Tricks, I like the Z man baits, but as you’ve said others are a lot less in price. I’ve used many brands of flukes too. Take a look at Bass Kandy Delights. They’re a very good brand & can be bought in bulk packs. They’re also real popular for Stripers in the Chesapeake & no doubt will work any where & for multiple species. If you ever find any of the older Sizmic Flukes, which are no longer made, they’re like the Bass Kandy Delights & are a really good plastic fluke. I wish Uncle Josh, who now owns the Sizmic brand would start making them again. They’re my favorite fluke style lure. :smiley:

Almost forgot. Take a look at Doc Irv Baits too. He’s in PA, and makes a lot of different plastic lures. He’ll do custom colors & reproductions too. Just tell him Jim Hester referred you :smiley:

We have original TT for 0.52/ea and less in larger bulk quantities. Not to derail this thread.

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Zoom makes a 5" finesse worm in the same color as the original TT. They work on a 1/8 -1/16 ball jig head but not as well as a TT. The ribs are not as pronounced or something so it doesn’t put off the same vibrations in the water. I know it seems crazy but you really can catch em on a TT when they don’t want to eat anything else, under certain circumstances at least. Btw a red will hammer one of those bush hawgs. No harm in experimenting.

I agree, nothing is the same as the original TT. The Z-Man TT’s don’t respond the same, don’t fall/move in the water the same, and it definitely don’t cast the same. Sorry Z-Man, your plastic is great for a lot of things but in my book it will never replace the original TT.

Wonder if Gambler can produce a 4.5" Shaky Shad. Just cut the first 4 rings off the Trout Trick as those just split from the jighead anyways.

I wish we could still get Ivie shads- caught everything

Got a foot locker full of Ivey Shads. That’s going serious old school

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I wish we could still get Ivie shads- caught everything

i found some sorting through tackle room this weekend. remember when they were the secret bait. do electric chickens still work?

paid $8 for a mirrolure recently. almost choked. i can get a #1 @ Dodges for that …