11/20&21 report

I fished the North Edisto on Monday starting with catching 3 or 4 shrimp per cast for bait in about 3 feet depth near high tide. Also tried a favorite deep hole at high tide and caught no shrimp. Caught about 25 trout on the first two hours of the falling tide on 1/8 oz jig with a paddle tail grub. Then caught 7 spottails 3 largest 25-26” on live shrimp under a cork. I then went back to my bait catching spot on low tide and could not find a shrimp. I tried another deep hole and caught only a half dozen shrimp on three casts. Tuesday I went back to the trout spot and found the trout bite hot on the jig with grub and caught around 40, most being 14 to 15”, largest was 19”, really nice trout. I did not get a bite at my spottail spot. Tried my bait spot on the way back to the landing was able to catch a couple dozen small shrimp on low tide for the next day.

Nice catching, can’t beat Nov. in the salt!

I fished the South Edisto on Wednesday in beautiful weather but could not find the trout bite. Total for the day = 1 small trout.

Triumph 17
Honda 75