11th Annual Hilton Head Harbor Wahoo Shootout!

We want to welcome everyone to the 11th Annual Hilton Head Harbor Wahoo Shootout!

The Captains Meeting is Monday April 20th and you get to pick 1 fish day from Tuesday to Saturday.

This is an open inlet event but you must weigh by boat at Hilton Head Harbor.

1st place is $10,000.00 based on 34 boats, plus Hilton Head Boat House and Yamaha are giving away another $5,000.00!</font id=“red”>

This is a 100% payout event with 100% vollunteers, put on for fisherman, by fisherman.

Come enjoy the excitment.

Check out wwwislandshootout.com for details or you can email me at wahooshootout@aol.com.

What a great wahoo season!
We are looking forward to putting on a tournament to match.

The Captains meeting is Monday April 20th at Hilton Head Harbor.
And fish days are Tuesday through Saturday, Pick your day!

Check out www.islandshootout.com for info, rules and registration forms.

Thank you!