2 Good Days...but Small Trout

Fished Friday with G8rnsc and Saturday with Frank H. Caught 30-35 trout on artificials each day, but only 9 keepers Friday and none Saturday. We blistered the reds both days on muddies, and G8r caught a tagged red Friday that measured 23 on the nose. I caught one missing a good bit of its tail…

Great fishing with great friends during the holiday season…gotta love Christmas in the Lowcountry!

Merry Christmas from me & Sambo the white-nosed redfish! :smiley:

Merry Christmas guy’s!

Nice catch. LOL


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Great looking pics. My son caught a slot red in the surf on Kiawah over Thanksgiving week that had a chewed up tail like that. I’ve been wondering how that happens and have heard a couple of ideas but don’t know for sure what it is.

Sounds like a lot of fish too!

I am planning to go either Thursday of Friday.

What artificials were the trout eating?

Can you tell me where’s the nearest place to buy mud minnows near the 170 bridge launch?

Merry Christmas!

Great report and pictures, Jim :sunglasses:

Can you tell me where's the nearest place to buy mud minnows near the 170 bridge launch?

Beaufort Boat and Dock Supply in Port Royal is the nearest that I know of.

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VuDu shrimp

Thanks for the help.

Hopefully, we’ll make it out Thursday or Friday.

Looks like we’ll be fishing the incoming tide and Friday gives us an extra hour to travel and get on the water but the winds look stronger on Friday than Thursday.

Any tips for fishing the incoming in the area of the hwy 170 ramp?

I fish the St. Helena Sound side…so I can’t offer much near the 170 bridge. Maybe someone else will weigh in with tips for that area.