2022/2023 college football parlay

202/2023 CF College Football Parlay Official Rules:

I stopped doing this because the website got so difficult to use. Now with the improvements, let’s give this another go! This is a fun event for most!

Each week of the regular season of NCAA college football, I will choose between 8 and 15 games of interest. We will be specifically targeting our local teams here of course, plus those teams that are ranked nationally in the top 25.

The varying football schedule from week to week will reflect how many games we play. We’ve done this parlay for years and its been a blast for each and every week. There’s lots of trash talking and discussion about the sport we are all so passionate about. Its all in good fun of course. It’s a great time and I encourage everyone to participate.

This is a “For Fun” parlay only. No money to enter, but there will likely be prizes given away that have been donated by your fellow CF.comers.

I typically post the games that we are going to play on the Monday of game week. When I post these games, your responsibility is to respond to the same thread with your picks. If you don’t want people to see your picks and copy you, simply wait until one minute before kickoff of the first game in the parlay and post your picks then. You will be picking against the spread. If you don’t know what that means, feel free to PM me and I’ll be glad to give you a detailed description. You have until 1 minute before official game time starts of the first game in the parlay to make your picks.

I will not except picks sent to me by PM; its only fair to everyone that everyone’s picks are made publically. Plus, it keeps anyone from thinking that I’m in shenanigans with anyone else saying that they picked all the games correct when in fact they only got half right. It’s how we keep things fair and its the best method that I’ve come up with to date.

Let me know if you’re interested; again, this is for fun and no money is involved whatsoever.

Im in.

Thanks so much for putting in the time and effort, thats a lot to do over the entire season what with not only posting the games and spreads each week, but keeping a season long talley.

On a side note, did you realize its been 1378 days since your Coots beat my Vols?

Sept 1st kicks off the season this year, thats only 26 more days.

I cant wait…

Tell your hounds they better watch out for the Rattler…

After seeing his resume at Oklahoma I’m not jumping on the Rattler train just yet.

I think Doty will be the coots version of Alabamas Jalen Hurts, especially now that his bum foot has had time to heel* properly. Look whatnumbers he put up before his mid-season injury.

We’ll see, but I think Rattler is as overrated as Doty is underrated.

Haha, couldn’t take it and had to delete posts… RBF for the win…

Guess I’ll be hanging out in the Lounge since EF admitted I am there too…

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UT’s got more recruiting violations than EF has deleted RBF’s posts… :joy:

Losers do tend to cheat to compete…

Awesome Ricky! So glad to see the parlay back. I will gladly make a gift donation.

I’m in too!! Nice to see the parlay shaking off the dust!

Can’t wait…

Thanks 23sf!!

This is for you EF1, after making fun of my, Clemson, visor last year…


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15 days since UT’s last recruiting violations (18 of them)…

Not being able to start a new thread on the old site was enough to drive you mad. I just eventually couldn’t do anything i wanted to.
I’m grateful we are going on the right direction now.

16 days since UT’s last recruiting violations (18 of them)…

I think I saw MixedNutz new boat and crew lately. Dabo fans make me lol. The gal in the black is sitting on a bucket taking a whizz.

parlay in 3 weeks. Good stuff

Close, but I only have one screw.

Good stuff indeed!!


Oh yeah, I have the model with the enclosed head. The “Ladies” made sure of that! :smile:

Cheaters know cheaters… :rofl:

Clemson reports 21 NCAA violations in past two years – Charleston Sports Radio

NCAA - 18 violations, almost $60K in illegal benefits by Tennessee football under former coach Jeremy Pruitt (espn.com)

best deal on coot tickets maybe ever. really. maybe ever