Fished 7/3 on folly the whole incoming and first three of the outgoing. The Spanish we running super hard. They wouldn’t touch a lure but we’re crushing the mullet which was plentiful. Lost track of how many runs/catches we had of the Spanish. Largest was just over 24” to the fork. Had one run that almost spooled me, finally chewed through the leader. They wouldn’t touch a wire lead so had to suck it up with floro. Caught about a dozen short flounder also. Best day for the Spanish I’ve had in years out on Folly.

Fished Sullivan’s on 7/1 for the outgoing. Mullet was plentiful but the fish weren’t. Caught two small trout on some opening night paddlers and that was it. Mullet didn’t get touched all day.

Fished the Mt P Pier 7/2 and caught a decent amount of fish. One red at 26” and a handful of flounder and trout. For fishing the Pier it went pretty good. Mullet was nonstop and you could’ve caught enough mullet to fill a bus.

Overall a really good end to my vacation!