7/9 at Breach on Outgoing Tide

Boat’s broken (what’s new) so we’re giving surf fishing a try. Had cut mullet on a double dropper & halved crab on a Carolina rig. To my surprise nothing was interested in the crab. Bait stealers on the mullet- whiting. Also threw artificial. Tried topwater early, suspension & then a bucktail on the bottom. A couple strikes on the bucktail. Lousy bite & too many snags but enjoyed our morning on the water nonetheless.

If anyone would like to share some surf suggestions I’d gladly take them. TIA.

I’m by no means great at surf fishing…but from my personal experience, breach isn’t worth the trouble (current) to fish…walk out to the beach at lo tide and look for any change in terrain…post up there as the tide comes in…that’s what I would do anyway. Good luck

Save the Mullet and Crab for the fall. Fresh shrimp, small hooks. Summer surf fishing is tough, lots of small/bait fish to clean your hooks, heavy rain showers to screw the water up, and lots of people in the DARN way! Water temp will start to drop end of August, surf fishing will get better.

God I hope so. 8 hrs on the beach for me this weekend and half dozen whiting, 2 small black drum, bunch baby sharks, 2 big rays and 3 (3-4ft) sharks. It has been tough. I agree with Mr. Parkers post. Small hooks and shrimp or chunk cut fish on metal liters for toothy critters. The picture posted looks like flat calm water. The fish in the surf like waves and current. Crab in the Fall for reds. Cut fish works well too, but you have to weed through the sharks or when in Rome “target sharks.”

I was out there had a ton of finger mullet nothing. I turned to cut shrimp and caught 5 Black Sea bass ,2 small spot tails and 1 whiting .All fish were released.

Thanks all! Really appreciate it. Next time we won’t skip on the shrimp (or on other spots) & I’m looking forward to the fall.

in my experience breach is only good when water is cleanish and moving slowly near bottom of tide going in or coming out. for that matter the same goes for 12-13th. those spots are fickle and often turn on or off for short periods of time. you had the right idea with the different baits though, except for the shrimp of course.