9-10 Nov Cold front

One my up from FL and its 40°!!! Hope this cold snap will get the fish feeding. I love the cold weather but I got my son sick the last time we did night surf fishing trip. Stay tuned for some Lowcountry surf fishing pics I hope…

Cold weather can’t get you sick. Cold weather gets people to stay in confined spaces which spreads germs and viruses easier, which makes more people get sick in the winter time. He may get a runny nose from the cold and wind blowing his nose red or wind and sun burn on his face but not actually sick. Now if he puts his hands in his mouth or something else that has touched something nasty he might get a sore throat from a low grade oral infection, sore throat and nose which can spread to a respiratory infection, coughing up green stuff. Just keep your hands clean or what your eating or drinking out of contact with things that my be questionable. I’ve done it before. The water is close to 70 but the air is freezing right now. It’s kind weird to feel warm water when your so cold. Got my hands wet yesterday fishing live bait inshore and the low temps and strong winds had my finger tips red and after a while numb and I had the the sniffles from the wind. Just remember to dress appropriately and you will be good. Fishing should be good, inshore is on fire. Good luck. Look forward to your report.

@Bryan_Curlett I like how you mount the fishing cart on the trailer hitch of your SUV , Do you have a picture of the hitch prior to mounting the fishing cart? Im looking to do the same on my SUV

Harbor freight and tractor supply. Carry hitch Mount racks.
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I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Yep just a harbor freight hitch rack. It works fine. Fishing was slow today, no reds in sight. We caught a small shark, whiting, and big trout. We bought 1/2lb eating shrimp and we came home with 1/3lb of shrimp to cook up. Crazy nothing was biting (for us) we did watch some guys crushing trout off the rocks with artificial baits. They were 12"-16".