About That $1400 Stimulus Check.......

…If $1400 and some student loan relief can really change a persons life so much, Just think how much a steady job would help.

That’s all

As You Were

Come on man !!!
Spend 4 years and $120,000 to learn to yodel. The government should pay off my student loan and provide me with a job of $200,000 a year. And I will not settle for anything less I’ll just sit at home.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

Forget about student loans, how about car loans or for that matter what about any loans? The money was extended with the expectation of repayment. I worked midnight to 8 AM 12 days on and 2 days off to attend college. Do I get any refund? KMA, get out of momma’s house get a job and pay your debts—arselokes!


Hey, anybody don’t want there’s send it to me. I’ll take it and be glad I got it.


Spoken like a true Yellow Dog.

Fixed it for you.
Being such a stickler for spelling, I knew you wouldn’t want that to go uncorrected.

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Student loan forgiveness will be the largest most regressive tax EVER.
Take money from the middle class and give it to a bunch of economic illiterates that borrow more than they’ll ever be able to pay back working in their field of study.

If the libs are really progressive, they should be 1000% against the idea.

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Now that’s a kill shot.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

I’m with ya’, tanksgt. Seven years of night school with wife and two kids to get an Engineering BS and we paid the bill. If they’re going to do student loan forgiveness…

Curing the student debt issue is simple.
Don’t borrow money you are not sure you’ll be able to pay back. Done.
In other words, grow the FUC4 up!
These ‘kids’ are ADULTS!!!

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That $1400 “stimulus” check is gonna cost my kids about $14,000 to $140,000…as our “elected” officials “kick the can down the road.”

They are doomed to continue to work for peeps that don’t want to work.

I was looking up the story of the Blind Men and the Elephant to find the origin and was puzzled by “500 BCE”…


This is what a “higher education” entitles one to…leisure time to pursue making history less offensive to everyone.

Working 2-3 jobs to finally get a “better job” so you can work “only” 60 to 70 hours a week to pay off "everyone else’s debt. REALITY…







Go to college for as long as you can and then start a “non-profit”(doublespeak)…that’s the ticket.

That slow walk toward George Orwell’s 1984 “UTOPIA”…has become a sprint.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Screw anyone that worked their azzes off, scrimped and saved to put their kids through college. I guess my wife and I were “privileged” to pay for our kids college. I wonder if we’ll get any “forgiveness”?

Too many people going to college that have no business going to college and too many spending too much money on useless degrees that are unable to get a decent job with such a degree so then WE are stuck holding the bill.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?



The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Gots to go to work trading stocks since bonds don’t pay for the paper they are printed on…and I’m sure I want a Muni in LA/DETROIT/CHICAGO…

And give the Government 30-40% in Capital Gains TAX for making sure, through the SEC, that the stock trading is on the up and up.


The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Worst part is there are at least 2 other spelling/grammar issues with that short post (3 if you really want to be a stickler). One’s gotta’ try hard to mess up that much in that few words. But, why waste ammo?

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you wont see me bitchen and whining about it. only here to get inside you pricks heads. im doing pretty dam good at it looks like. ha ha ha ha ha. how many degrees you got to brag about? i bet mr 4.7 of 5.0 has you beat hes got four. go back to whining and crying now since you let me know im there…rent free


Many villages have one !!

Please read: do not respond to the political forums trouble makers that spew filth and sewage with their name calling and constant insults. It feeds their sickness and harms this site as EF and others have noted

You see what I mean. I’m in this MFers mind bad. Ha ha ha ha ha. He’s still on the tit. Poor little prick his little mind is working overtime. He can’t talk without me on his mind.



Keep it up Bob and I have a feeling you will soon get the attention you so crave.

Give it a rest Bo, stand back and take a breath. Maybe do like RBF and take a couple days off, I feel like it would do you some good.

Maybe go fishing, take a day trip, go out for a long walk. Something. Simply put, you need a time out sir. Your perspective is challenging and redundant at best.

Please understand I am typing this in my nice voice and only saying it because I truly think that’s what is best for you now. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees type deal

Or not.

Thanks for the consideration,


Are you saying there is something here I would miss? Don’t do me any favors. Suppression comes from y’all at all levels I see. Be careful now don’t put yourself in a bind. We might just see how far you want to take this. You see that MFer prodding and I’m the one cautioned. You going to make this a returd site only?


No, I doubt you would miss much, that’s kind of my point. I’m not trying to do anyone a favor nor suppress anything at any level, odd you would say that of me as I am the one if you recall that tried to give you a thread of you own to get a belly full of “Knock Down Drag Out Cage Match” to save you the constant embarrassment.

Actually I DO see you prodding Bob, truth be told. I know you don’t see it that way, that’s why I said you might be having a hard time seeing the forest because I think you are standing too close to the tree , that’s all.

And for what it’s worth, I certainly won’t put myself in a bind,but how far I take this depends totally on you sir as you do have my attention now. Again, I want you to know I am simply trying to be a friend to you, it looks like you might need one. Nothing more, nothing less.

Just give it some thought without lashing out tonight. Sleep on it. Study it over. Ponder it over supper. Is that too much to ask?

As You Were