FOR SOME REASON , IT TAKES FOREVER FOR CFC TO LOAD , I DON’T HAVE THIS ISSUE WITH ANY OTHER SITE… IT HAS TAKEN CLOSE TO 5 OR MORE MINUTES TO GET THIS FAR , STATUS BAR SAYS LOADING OR WAITING FOR CFC TO RESPOND, NO OTHER SITE DOES IT ;;; ANY BODY ELSE HAVE THIS ISSUE ??? DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

George McDonald US Navy Seabees,Retired, MAD, Charleston Chapter [

When you see “Old Glory” waving in the breeze, know that it is the dying breaths of our fallen hero’s that makes it wave.
author unknown

Yessir,happens to me all the time. I just try again later,nothing else you can do.CF is not a very strong site. I can’t start a new topic or post a picture usually. I’m guessing their budget won’t allow them to make things right.