Any Good Games On Tonight?

How’s about them tigers, they roundballin’ tonight?

The Coots? They hardballin’?

Whatcha watching?

Big game tomorrow night at 10, I guess they save the best for last huh?



Oh Lord,

Pleas bless the Deacon Rick Barnes tomorrow night…

And keep an eye out for the dirt peckers & the taters tonight too

Thanks in advance


Go Tigers!!

Coots too!!

What a game!!..


Charles Barkley…

An idiot…

Dabo ain’t the Basketball Coach!

That was fun to watch

Don’t think I’ll make it thru the bama cackalackie game, but trying.

Coots up on bama too, 3-1 in the 7th

3-3 going into the 8th

Spurs up

The Tigers did win, but they are gonna have to clean up their 3pts shooting in order to move any further. that was an ugly game on both sides of the ball.

Bama beat Duke and sent them packing’!
And Bama also came back and beet my Gamecocks in the baseball game. Play them again tonight at 8 I believe.
Clemson lost to Miami in a close one last night as well.

Clemson Alabama faceoff tomorrow night! Should be a good game.

The eyes of Dixie will be upon them

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The ACC champs NC State were given an 11 seed and just beat #2 seed Marquette.

While #1 seed NC lost to #4 seed Alabama

Purdue looked good against Gonzaga and Clemmons is peaking at the right time.

Hoping we get to see TN vs Purdue and NC State vs Houston match ups. The Clemmons vs. AL game tomorrow should be good.

Congrats to the Tigers taking the series, against the 'Canes, in baseball!

I always pull for two teams. The Clemson Tigers, and whoever is playing Alabama!

Guess I’ll have to double down tonight.

Go Tigers!!

Oops on the game last night. Clemson played hard but couldn’t pull it out. The number of 3’s that were made drove the scores.

I think the book on the score was + - 160? I didn’t expect it would go that high.

Made for an exciting couple of weeks for the Tiger fans!

Back to baseball…

not just yet…

Yes Sir! Go Vols!!!

Yep, pretty much

Congrats to the Lady Coots!!

Well done.

Like to see a Championship!!

I’m hoping to see an AC vs SEC showdown in the men’s final four. NC State looks strong.

The LSU thuglets vs the Iowa Clarksters will be one to watch. Assuming that SC gets past NC State not sure which of those two teams they would rather play.

Oh well…

Hard to win, when you don’t score…

hard to win against a 7’4" player with a 7’ wingspan