Any Kings on Folly Yet

Any Kings caught on Folly Pier yet? They’re laying them on the deck regularly on Apache pier but I don’t know about the other piers in Myrtle catching many yet.

no kings at folly yet.a few Spanish though…springmaid is wide open on the Spanish,jigging for them…

Caught a nice 5 lb spanish just below springmaid in my kayak last week. Lots of stuff chasing those bait pods through the water.

Blessed beyond what I could ever have deserved by the one true God who loves me enough to send His only son as a ransom for me.

Sharky I saw a few cownose swimming by me on folly, but I didn’t have a snag hook ready, you been seeing any on the pier?

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chatting with one of the kids that works at the pier, he said only one king was decked last summer. One!?

i found theres a pier in fernandina beach, fl that will be 30 mins from my new home. my dads uncle said theres a good amount of tarpon in that area but anyone know if kingfish run by it too?