Ashepoo fishing

does anyone ever fish up the ashepoo? closer to joe’s fish camp or horshoe creek?

basically anything up ashepoo from bennetts point?

As always, all fishing in the ACE basin and St. Helena sound is inherently awful, unrewarding and unpleasant. Best to go elsewhere.

Having said that, the Ashepoo is tight and has plenty of current. My 23 foot bay boat is not super comfortable there, skiff ok. Maybe I am a little cautious, but I’m old.

Both the Ashepoo and Combahee are across the Coosaw river from my house. I would go to the Combahee or Edisto/Otter Island area before the Ashepoo, a lot more water to work with and easier to navigate. I don’t find the Ashepoo easy to fish.

No knowledge of freshwater, I don’t run up that far.