Bait Question

I was reading in a magazine today where a man stated that he uses baby sharpnose sharks as bait for bigger sharks. I have thought of this myself a time or two. My question is: is this legal? The last thing I want is a run in with the man.

Well the limit is 1 per day as far as I know so this must include babies. So legally, you are ok using 1 baby as bait it seems.

This is an interesting topic besides the legal aspect. The past week I have gone on to Sullivans and IOP for some big sharks and every time I throw my whole whiting or chunk whiting out it gets dismantled by the baby sharp noses, it seems within 15 minutes the whiting is picked clean before it even has a chance to be bitten by a bigger fish. Has anyone else had this problem? The only solution I came up with was using the baby sharp noses for bait since their skin is so much tougher. I found that the baby sharp noses don’t eat it as quickly allowing the bait to be out there longer. I have personally see a 4 foot bull shark eat a baby sharp-nose last summer when a friend of mine was fishing with us. Has anyone else had any success with them as bait? And has anyone else experienced the whiting problem with the baby sharks? Any other solutions?

Blacktips make great tiger and hammer bait. A good 10-15lb chunk of fresh meat and lookout. Have never used a baby sharp nose

Try using stingrays if you want to avoid small baby sharks and other fish

I have been fishing all summer and I have only caught two stingrays, so that plan seems unreasonable. The baby sharpnoses are plentiful, been catching them by the dozens lately. Honestly sharks don’t seem very picky with what meat they will eat. I’am going tonight and will report back how the sharpnose bait holds up.

Are you yakking your bait out or casting it ?

I think this black tip my wife caught was trying to eat the smaller shark that was already on the hook. There was only one hook on the line, had cut whiting on it.



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I guess if you know for a fact the species is sharpnose, i don’t see why you couldn’t use one per day for bait.

If you are talking about those little 12" pups, they are worthless bait. A fat whiting is much more likely to catch a shark, ray, or red. From time to time we do turn around a larger sharp nose if we didn’t bring bait and aren’t catching rays. I’ve caught fat BTs on sharpies before.


I gutted a large sharp nose a friend wanted to eat and tossed the guts in the surf and had a large black tip or spinner come fining around by us looking for the rest, so I will use it for bait next time.

17ft Key west

I’d be willing to try the smaller ones, just don’t need a run in with DNR. I have been doing well using halved whiting and spots. I think I have only caught a couple rays this year, and that was in April.