Bay boat choices?

Seeing what y’all think when it comes to bay boats. Keywest bay reef or ranger bay? Looking at around 20’. Wondering what drafts better, handles rougher water and speed fuel consumption? Thank you for any insight

i dont think i would compare those 2 boats
the keywest is a great boat, but its not in the same category as a ranger
open the rear comparments on both and take a look at things like pumps and wiring, hinges and hatches

i would go with ranger bay boat out of any options i fish out of a 2400 bay ranger almost everday and love that boat! 2nd choice would be a pathfinder

I love my Scout Winyah 221…

2007 Scout 221 150 Yamaha 4 stroke

As far as the jetties and nearshore reef, is the ranger still a better choice. Looks like the ranger may draft less because the hull on the bay reef seems better for rougher water. Like to fish skinny water but do fish the jetties and nearshore a good bit. I know I’ll have to sacrifice somewhere just looking for the most info before I buy something? Thanks a lot for the info

A 20’ Pathfinder rigged with a trolling motor and power pole is an ideal boat for this area. The rangers are good boats as well and handle the chop a little better due to their weight. Everyone has their favorite brands, mine happens to be Pathfinder.
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I sold my 20 BayScout before I came over to the sandbox…It was a great boat EXCEPT for the wiring. Looking to purchase a Pathfinder 2300 HPS when I return. There is no place like home…


Pathfinder and Ranger are top end boats… Key West is good but like Chris stated…look under the hatches to see some differences.Personally, I am a Shearwater guy.

Thanks for all the great info. That is a Nice boat!

and it has held up extremely well
we service saltfishers boats, and even with the very heavy use he gives it, it still looks great

You might want to check out the new Sportsman bay boat. It should be out really soon.

only complaint on the shearwaters are that they have a rounded edge on them. ranger has a flat edge like a flats boat and you can walk on the side of them

You must not have seen me in person gregorya… I am in no shape to be walking on edges,

I saw you at the boat show should have introduced myself but the shearwaters are good boats have a nice layout and ride really good

The BX 22 is a great value. Just don’t let them talk you into an F150.


X2 on the 150. Just a gas powered troller for a 22’er. Not thrilled with my 150.

I have a 2180 Ranger Bay Boat and love it. No problem going to the jetties. Pathfinders are nice too. Don’t know anyone with a Scout as pictured above, it looks nice though.

You can find used Pathfinders relatively cheap right now and in great condition. i love mine.

My 2003 Key West 21’6" Bay Reef with a 2003 225 Honda is officially up for sale right now. It’s been fished in a lot, but is a solid and well-maintained boat. 2ft reds or 200ft dolphin, the boat does it all! PM me or call me if you want to know some information on a $teal!

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second the Shearwater!! no comparison between pathfinders, rangers, or sea hunts to that of a Shearwater. just my two cents.

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