Beaufort area oyster question

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: Can I run from Fripp Inlet/Story Creek through to Trenchards Jon boat style?? Hunting oysters during a camping trip and this looks like the closest public/rec. area from Hunting Is.

I cannot speak from actual boat experience at Fripp, but I’ve spent a lot of time there on the pier.

Most days I’ve been there, I would have confidently put a 14’ jonboat in there as long as I had enough horsepower to get the boat up on plane, and then some. I’m sure any jon with a 9.9 or 15hp or bigger will be just fine. Anything less than that and you might move slower against the tide than you’d want.

Depends on the day, weather, winds and tide. There are plenty of days I wouldn’t want to think of being in Fripp or Trenchard’s Inlet with a john boat…tomorrow is a fine example. When the wind and tide are going in the opposite direction, the waves can stand up steep and tall in Trenchard’s. That’s a long run to those public beds. If you don’t know much about the local area and wind direction etc…I would go to Russ Point, get a visual, and if there was a shred of doubt in my mind I would keep the boat on the trailer and go buy some.


There is lots of water thru there. She shallowest part of story river is marked with crab pot style floats on either side.

Sea Hunt 207CC,Yam 150

Nice SeaCraft… zotcha, Vezo, Part II. Good luck oystering!