Beautiful day...and fish

Had a great little Sunday today with the family. Started off at the 8:00 beach church service and then grabbed a great breakfast of shrimp and grits. Looked like it was going to be a little rainy but cleared up as we pulled away from the dock and headed south. Beached the boat, had lunch, drank some beers, watched the dog chase birds up and down the beach. Then to the good part, broke out the rods and threw on some mud minnows; I got seven reds, put my fiance on two reds and a flounder and my mom got another nice red. Cruised down some “new to me” creeks and stopped at a few more spots but only got a ray so we headed on home with a few more coronas. Ended the day with some fresh “mahi” tacos and a beautiful sunset on the dock.

God is good.

I am not sure it gets any better! Great day - is there any place better than Edisto?


You gotta love the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Yes, Edisto is extremely hot, crowded and covered up with gnats; I don’t see why anyone would live out here in the sticks.


Sounds great.

Now that is a good day.

Hey next time wave at me with all your fingers.

That is what it is all about family beer and fish and it is great that we still able to put church in there