Beginners spear gun recommendations?

Thinking about snorkeling around grass mats and trying for dolphin or whatever. I don’t want to get too crazy. Any suggestions? From the little research I’ve done I’m thinking a single band and not so much spring loaded or compressed air
Any advice or help appreciated.thanks

My first ocean gun was a jbl woodie with 3 bands. I still use it but am looking to upgrade to a koah. Make sure you put a reel on any gun your planning on using for pelagic fish, you’ll run the risk of losing your gun / drowning if they run.

23' Key West

i have a 110cm mako with 2 bands and a reel and it works great. i want to say it was about $225 or 250 and i have been using it for 2 years now. as mentioned before if you are chasing pelagics you will definitely want a reel, especially if you are freediving or snorkeling! so far ive only used mine on scuba and have gotten plenty of several different kinds of fish with my biggest being a 20lb grouper. definitely test it out on some smaller fish and getting proficient with it first before going for big game that can either run out line or pull you around no problem.