better luck

Im used to surf casting in the pawleys island inlet / creak area.
Im researching a few places to start trying here (living downtown) and there are two that are pretty much the same distance from me i want to try.
Im torn between Breach Inlet in between Sullivans Island and IOP (casting from the Sullivans side) and the end of folly - towards the lighthouse.

I had tried the end of folly before, but more towards the ocean end, and am wondering if i would have better luck if i walked more towards lighthouse creek inlet.

Anyways my question is, should i choose breach inlet or the lighthouse inlet more towards the creek? Looking to catch the tide switch tonight around 6

I have never fished Folly, only because I live in Mt Pleasant. I have always wanted to try lighthouse inlet based on the pretty consistent reports I see. My only advice is if fishing East of the Cooper there are better spots on IOP or Sullivans than Breach Inlet. PM me if you want hints for IOP or Sullivans, besides Breach Inlet.