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Another idiot causing problems for Myrtle Beach Surf fishers. I’ve been checked many times fishing Myrtle, never been a problem…

LEO; ( Can I see your fishing licence? )
Me; ( Yes Sir…Handing over licence…)
LEO; ( Looks okay…You’re not Shark fishing are you? )
Me; ( No Sir, That’s against the law here in Horry county. )
LEO; ( Okay, have I nice day, good luck. )

I really don’t understand people these days pertaining to Law Enforcement. Every Body has this I know my rights, entitled attitude towards Law Enforcement. The best “RIGHT” you have when Encountering any LEO is TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND COMPLY. If you aint doin’ nothing wrong, you will not have any problem. And just because you got that 80 in 55 ticket last week. Or maybe that DWI a month ago and you about to have to pay that SR22. Or your baby mama called the cops on you for being a DI@k. Those are definitely not problems with LEO.

"There's a fine line between fishing and standing in the surf like an idiot."

Papa told me never argue with the policeman on the street he’s going to win.
North Myrtle Beach police are mainly tax collectors.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

Yep, I agree DP. I would have just presented my license to the LEO and been done with it. However, I did think about it, and does the LEO have the authority? Could the city LEO issue someone a ticket for not having a fishing license, or having illegal fish caught in the cooler, etc…

Wonder if the dude didn’t have a license, and the LEO doesn’t have the authority, would the LEO just hold someone and call DNR to come issue a ticket? Like I said, I would have presented my license and moved on… I sure don’t want to see the SCDNR officer that had to travel to issue a ticket for not having a license… They’d prolly be pissed by the time they got there…


The older I get, the more gray this issue becomes for me. I too was taught to blindly follow what any LEO said to me. I’ve had very few interactions with LEO in my life and in every instance, I’ve followed instructions. I’ve never been arrested and have always kept my nose clean. I’ve probably gotten 4 tickets in 25 years of driving, and maybe 2 warnings. I’ve had some really nice and positive interactions with LEO and I’ve had one city of Charleston cop that was an absolute duechebag for no reason. I kept my cool only because my wife was in the car with me, but trust me, that cop had short man syndrome and was on a power trip. We all know it happens. In this day and age, I completely understand the people that have had enough and don’t want to blindly comply with demands, especially when they seem to come out of no where.

Obviously, we weren’t there and don’t know the whole story, yada yada yada. In my opinion, if I’m sitting there on the public beach fishing, leave me alone. No seriously, leave me alone. I’m not there to bother anyone. I’m there to relax. We do not live in a country…we aren’t supposed to live in a country where LEOs can walk up to you and demand your ID and to question you and what you are doing unless you are being investigated of a crime. We are slowly giving up all our rights that Patriots fought to gain for us. Those Patriots at the time were said to be committing treason. Its all about your perspective. Stand up for what you know is right in your heart and demand the best out of our public servants. A lot of people including Law Enforcement forget that they are public servants. They are not there to keep the public in line. We’ve allowed this to stray too far unfortunately.

There is a large spotlight on our LEOs now. I’m not for making their jobs harder, but we can respectfully know and observe our rights as American citizens. Do not give up your rights. Teach your kids their rights. Teach your k

A police officer must have reasonable and articulable suspicion that a crime has or is about to be committed in order to engage or ID anyone. However , DNR officers can engage and id anyone on state or federal game lands or on the water that appear to be hunting or fishing or boating. We agree to this when we purchase and sign any DNR license . It seems to me that a city police officer would have a jurisdictional issue when one is surf fishing The water is not city property. I understand that places like IOP are not pleased to see fishing on the beach. and do things to discourage

If I were engaged and asked for my ID from a LEO I would ask for the officer to articulate his reasonable suspicion, and if he couldn’t I would refuse to ID up to a point If the officer threatens to arrest me I will ID and handle the matter in court. Body cams and audio recordings should be mandatory.


Please read: do not respond to the political forums trouble makers that spew filth and sewage with their name calling and constant insults. It feeds their sickness and harms this site as EF and others have noted

This clears it up… The city LEO do have the authority to ask and enforce…,-mb-and-mnb-fishing-codes.pdf

SECTION 5-7-140. Extension of police jurisdiction and authority of municipalities bordering on high tide line or high water mark of navigable body of water.
(A) The corporate limits of any municipality bordering on the high-tide line of the Atlantic Ocean are
extended to include all that area lying between the high-tide line and one mile seaward of the high-tide line. These areas are subject to all the ordinances and regulations that may be applicable to the areas lying within the corporate limits of the municipality, and the municipal courts have jurisdiction to punish individuals violating the provisions of the municipal ordinances where the misdemeanor occurred in the area defined in this section.

Myrtle Beach:
(c) Any person who surf fishes must obtain a valid South Carolina issued surf fishing license in accordance with South Carolina State Law. Local government jurisdiction extends to one-mile in the Atlantic Ocean and includes all beaches, swashes and piers.


Here are the current ordinances for Myrtle Beach:,fishing%20from%20shore%20or%20pier.&text=It%20shall%20be%20unlawful%20for%20any%20person%20involved%20in%20attempting,waters%20where%20one%20may%20fish.

Sec. 5-5. - Regulations on recreational fishing from shore or pier.
(a)It shall be unlawful for any person involved in attempting to catch or take, or catch or take any shark or other marine animals that may endanger the public from any fishing pier, or any beach, shore or any coastal waters where one may fish.

(b)Any person(s) who baits, fish for, or otherwise attract sharks or other marine animals that may in danger the public within one mile of the beach or any coastal waters are in violation of this chapter. All fishermen shall release at time of recognition any and all fish or other similar type animals that may pose any danger to any beach goers, sunbathers, swimmers or any other person where the fish or animal is caught. Any person(s) who surf fishes or fishing of any type from a pier or beach, at any time of the year, shall not fish in a manner that presents an unsafe condition to any beach goers, sun bathers, swimmers, or any other person. It shall be the responsibility of the person fishing to maintain a minimum distance of 50 feet from persons in the water. Persons in the water shall have the right-of-way. Fishing shall not be permitted in front of any franchisee’s established umbrella line.

(c)Any person who surf fishes must obtain a valid South Carolina issued surf fishing license in accordance with South Carolina State Law. Local government jurisdiction extends to one mile in the Atlantic Ocean and includes all beaches, swashes and piers.
(Ord. No. 2011-27, 5-24-11; Ord. No. 2021-21 , 5-11-21)

I’ve never surf fished in MB, and never would… But, they sure don’t like surf fishing folks very much…

I fish down off the Murrells Inlet p