Big fish

Was gonna do a big fish photo dump from this spring and summer but the photo thing is acting dumb after two pics. We all fished hard and got some very nice fish island hopping. A greater hammer around 14ft is our biggest fish so far this year hopefully there are some fall monsters too.

I still got it. Lol

Get Ready!!!
The surf should come alive any day now. Im seeing small scattered schools of mullet and some should leave the creeks after this big moon. The fall run will start up soon. The big reds are about to fire up. The first week of September is when i usually catch the first big reds in the surf. Its a little more hit or miss but it seems like the lone giants come by early. Ive only been shark fishing all year but now that the reds are back and the surf fishing should be good. I’ll do some surf fishing. I hope to see some big red reports this year. You know my goal is the same as always break 40 inches

Some tips
For big reds i like to use 7/0 inline circles on a fish finder rig or big double drop bottom rigs made out of heavy mono leader 150-200(old shark line) its stands up yo most small sharks that are commonly caught red fishing and is cheap. 4 to 8oz normal weights and sputnik/spider weights. My favorite baits are fresh mullet and menhadden.


I beached an estimated 8/9 footer, back in May. Great job!:+1:


Robinette’s Bend Forward

Awesome job.

[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]

Did the fish make it?


Robinette’s Bend Forward

That looks like a “Charleston Push” photo to me… :wink:


Yeah it 100 percent lived. I post catch and release videos on instagram/youtube @chucktownsharker. If you notice im not posing in these pictures, it was a quick release and swam off strong. We fight them on 80 wides and 130s and 200lb class tackle it keeps fight times low around 25 to 30 minutes and we use inline carbon circle hook with the barbs filed down to practice catch and release shark fishing the safest way we can.

Yeah good photo for sure but i didnt pose. Thats of a 12ft 4 but it was very thick. I got videos.