Big Tides Update

Anyone caught fish this weekend or past Friday with the big tides?
Going out tomorrow and wondering how the heavy current has been affecting the bite…if at all.
Also I imagine the fish are confused with the weather but hope the warmth and lack of bait is making 'em hungry!!

Fished Friday mid day and had a tough time finding the fish. Finally found some nice schools on the outgoing tide in the backs of some creeks that drain large oyster bed flats. Crazy, the fish would not eat the fly but eager to eat a Gulp Shrimp on a 1/4 ounce jig fished almost dead. My experience with the big tides shows not much action around dead low, eat lunch during that time. Where the fish go when the water gets extra low is a mystery to me.

Just a quick update. We found them today and they didn’t really hesitate. Slamming live minnows under popping corks. They seemed really spooky and after catching three of them, I think they moved on. Or maybe they moved with the tide. Fishing three hours into the outgoing on top of some shallow spotty oysters in mud.

Normally don’t post too many pictures, usually too busy on the water. Took one once we got home thought WildlifeSC might like it since he met the little wild man yesterday. When we were poling the boat into position he kept imploring me to, “throw out that mud anchor,” as he called it. That thing worked sweet Jim, thanks!
He wasn’t too smiley cuz I made him sit still for two minutes to take the pic!! He’ll sit still to catch a fish though.

Great report! Great that you had the little guy on the water! Tight lines!!!

man Noah is getting big!