Bike Week.....Keep An Eye Out For OTC

Hey, they have porta potty races this year

No schitt

Portapooper races are a new one on me. But I guess it’s like the beer keg rolls. Instead of pushing the beer keg around with your scooter you’ll be pushing a porta pooper. Going to try to get by there we’ll post some pictures. Going to try to get on the water this week also. Hopefully I’ll have a fishing report
Glad to see you back…

Now we’re getting somewhere

This could be the thread of the week

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I’ll be there for Memorial weekend.

Probably make two more trips out today and tomorrow.
Get a seat made and a new head unit . (Yes insert joke) stereo.

Probably hit the rat hole Friday & Saturday .
Good old raunchy biker bar.
Bike week is pretty commercial nowadays. The tractor trailers rolling in from all the big companies. Catering to all the yuppies.
And a new one on me. I will go check out the Porta John races. Never know might even participate.

By choice or on duty? Either way hope you have fun.

Otc, which of your bikes are you going to take?

On duty unfortunately. Otherwise I would not be there. Last one though.

Hopefully you’ll have nothing but respect and no issues. Be safe out there.

It has actually gotten better in recent years. More families are showing up and fewer troublemakers. I still wouldn’t go but, it isn’t like the old days. Thank you, Sir.

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Atlantic Beach bike week definitely a whole different ball game.
The biggest thing is age there’s a bunch of these little young punks / gangsters come into town. 10 or 12 of them will walk in the store and just start carrying out cases of beer and anything else they want. Porta potties and trash cans everywhere. They don’t use either one.

I think you’re crazy as hell for doing what you do. But I thank you for doing it. Be safe!!!

Fred …
I’d ride the hell out of that bicycle.

Never hurts to have dreams! Better watch out for Mrs. OTC.

A little rain got the place looking like a ghost town.

That look like it would be fun to watch.

They had slow races. Barrel roll. Weenie bite. And barrel races.
I didn’t participate in anything. My back still pretty hosed up. I feel pretty confident I could have won the slow race & the barrel races.I should have rode the pan head or one of my shovel heads up there. I believe I could have won the bike show also. Maybe this fall. We got hung up and didn’t make it to the porta potty races.

I’m sure you would have got em twenty years ago. I worked with a few angels and ear collectors from nam over the years on shutdowns and turnarounds.Helluva bunch is all I can say.When I watch this video, I think about them.Molly Hatchet - One Last Ride - YouTube

All that artwork in the video is David Mann. Did all the centerfolds for easy Rider.
I like me some Molly hatchet.


Ill be outside Columbus this weekend around Chillicothe.

Gonna see a man about a horse.