Boat ramps open???

Sol Legre is closed due to construction, Folly Beach is now closed unless you live there. Any updates on Wappoo Cut? It’s a county park, so i fear it may be closed too. Anyone know what the plans are?

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The wife and I went by the Riverland terrace (Wappoo Cut) boat ramp tonight. There were two boats pulling out. Appeared to be open as usual and I sure hope it stays that way.

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Hey Bo, it’s Brock. Town of Folly confirmed that nonresidents aren’t allowed to access the landing because the checkpoint is before it, but it’s open to residents. Seems very unfair regarding public access to taxpayer supported resources.

The person my wife talked to with Folly said there were rumors of CCPRC closing all ramps in the county. Matt P asked a friend who works for them, and they hadn’t heard anything to that effect. Getting ready to tie the big boat off at a family dock in Clark Sound!

Last weekend, IOP Police say they are letting folks in to the launch at the IOP Marina, even though access to IOP is restricted.

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Anyone know if Remleys will be closed to the public with the “shelter in place” the next couple of weeks? Thanks

My sources tell me boat ramps owned by DNR and County Parks & Rec are staying open (for now). DNR and marine patrols are paying attention to the size of groups at the boat ramp and underway. Marine patrols are keeping an eye out for vessels who are not in accordance with the social distancing guidelines, which I believe is more than 10 people right now. I don’t think this includes immediate household family members, but don’t quote me on that.

Be responsible and don’t ruin it for the rest of us! That’s my two cents.

Shocker. . . Ain’t no fish in Folly anyway. If you like traffic, loose lines, limited space and reckless boaters, go to Folly. Otherwise, go anywhere else.

Yep, it sucks- stay away! In a lot of ways I’m not very happy about how my home waters have changed in the 35 years I’ve been fishing them.

Not too mad about it being harder to get to now though, I’ll be checking my 2 traps at slack high in a bit. Just seems like a crappy way for folly to deal with it.

Thx for extra intel on group sizes, good on CCPRC for not closing ramps… yet!

Ramps are closed. Decision was made due to behavior of recreational boaters observed last weekend. Thanks a lot.

Well that looks to cancel weekend plans to head out for the first trip of 2020. I was told you could still use private landings (could be rumor). If that’s the case I assume Edisto and Bohicket marinas are both private. Is there anywhere else in Charleston or close by that are considered “private”? Thanks either way and if not we will just wait a few more weeks hopefully.

I called it Saturday when we came back in, never seen landing so packed! And kept telling people STOP PARTYING ON KIAWAH, MORRIS, WHERE THE HELL EVER!!!..well here we are , weather looking spectactular or nice coming up and RUINED!! By ignorance and incompitence!!

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Brought to you by the same folks that hoarded all the toilet paper.

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Eye sea watt ewe did their :wink:

The foolish action of a few ruin it for the responsible many. I just wonder how much civil liberties Americans are willing to forego before they start pushing back against the government. At some point, you have to let adults be adults and make their own decision.

How is it they can close boat ramps county wide but can’t run these idiots off of Morris Island and a couple other sandbars? This was intentional, they never intended to stop them. Two DNR boats could have stopped 90% of these idiots. A lot less than they will spend patrolling all of the boat ramps.

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I was out Sunday and saw a law enforcement boat cruising by the backside of folly coming from the stono. There was no one around doing anything wrong but they were on patrol. It was pretty rough at folly so no body was there but I imagine the backside of Kiawah had some boats. I saw about a dozen other boats out there from 3 to 7 pm.

Statewide, sir. While there were family groups on Morris island this weekend in abundance, I saw exactly one aggregation of more than 10 people, and the DNR folks cruised by both days without having to run off any of us idiots.

I observed social distancing standards (plus some), but it was clear that we social creatures are all craving contact and ultraviolet radiation in larger volumes than we’ve been getting. Biggest vector would have been the idiot dogs that were also well behaved for the most part.

Time to go check the crab traps! :open_mouth:

Worth adding that we are all cooped up and hate the removal of freedoms, as discussed here and in other threads. We’ve had to get creative already in many ways- one good sanity restoration for our family has been to ride bikes to the neighborhood pond and catch bream and bass on ultralights.

Let’s stick together through this- maybe it’s time for a squirrel recipe competition in the Cooking forum!

Our neighborhood pond has become overwhelmed by outsiders, and the BCSO doesn’t seem to care. I get it. They probably have bigger fish to fry.

Are all ramps closed or can folks still use private ramps?