Botany Bay

Anyone know if its open? How badly was it damaged with the storm?

I heard closed for the rest of the year at least.

I put the boat in on Friday in Rockville to take a ride out there and check it out from the water, but the NE wind really pushed it up between Botany Island and Deveaux bank…we turned around and made it a booze cruise instead.

From the helicopter pictures I’ve seen, the beachfront is unrecognizable…I hope to get out there this weekend and see what it did to the inlets and the surf area.

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Botany bay is back open, but the beach is closed. The access bridge is gone. Naturally the beach also suffered lots of erosion.

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Had a buddy camp on his house boat between Pine and Otter last week end and said it has changed so much he could not anchor at his usable place! No protection from the wind and tide, it’s all gone and opened up.

That’s really sad and depressing…

Does anyone know if the lake is open? I was hoping to take the kids down there for some fishing this weekend.