Bottom slider rig vs. drop rig for shark

So, I have been running both set ups. Double dropper on a 9 ft. Penn Battalion and using shrimp. The bottom slider rig rod is a 10 ft. Penn Battalion.

My question is, should I just run a dropper rig and use cut bait and upsize my hooks a bit (using 1/0 Mustad perfect circles) instead of running a slider rig set up? I’ll still run the first set up with a double drop but am considering dumping the slider rig on the 2nd rod. I can’t wrap my head around even smaller sharks and 1/0 hooks. Just being honest.

Dropper rigs are all 30 lb Ande mono with the 1/0 Mustad Demon Perfect Circles. 150 lb. or 210 lb swivels on top and #6 duos on bottom.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Wish I had a better idea, but after getting cleaned too often with cut bait on the slider rig, I decided to modify.

I was running a 50 lb top shot on the mono braid to a swivel (haywire twist 2 ft. section of single strand to the 7/0 Daichi Circle Chunk Light). Decided to lose the wire and tie the swivel to a 100 lb. mono leader and downsize the hook to a 7/0 Demon Perfect Circle 3x Strong (DPC hook 7/0 is significantly smaller than the 7/0 Daichi). Now watch, Murphy’s law will bite me in the arse lol. I don’t think the fish I have seen so far can handle the Daichi 7/0 CCL.

I have used Daichi CCLs in 7/0 for 100+ lb class tarpon and blacktips down in Florida. They have also seen a few 60-70 lb flatheads on the Mississippi as well :wink:

I honestly just don’t know enough of what I am doing to be confident in them right now, and don’t mind saying it lol.

Anyway, would be interested to hear what other rigs you guys are using for typical shark/surf fishing besides a slider rig. Always try to learn something everywhere I go and Folly is no exception.

Thanks folks.


For my shark rig I run 12/0 mustad demon perfect circle, 2’ of 275lb sand colored nylon coated cableto 5’ of 400lb mono with a sinker slide. Everything is double crimped. And I put a crimp about halfway on my 400 mono to keep the weight closer to the hook. That helps with casting. I have also had success with 400lb outrigger materialto the hook as opposed to the cable. I’m throwing that on a 12’ xh spinning rod and pen 10500 spinfishers.600 yards of 80lb suffix 832 and a shock leader of around 25yards of 135lb mono. That’s worked good for me. Just my setup, but I’m sure there are better.



klester this might be a silly question but how does the hook and 2 ft wire tie in/connect with the 5ft of mono leader? I understanding the crimping and everything else…
do you simply haywire the steel to a barrel swivel? and then crimp the mono leader to that same swivel?

Jeffrey Wakefield

Main line/FG Knot/7 ft. of 80 to 100lb mono/heavy swivel/ 3 to 4 ft. 400lb mono with sliding sinker clip in between two shock beads/heavy swivel/2 ft. steel leader crimped to a 10/0+ circle hook with pinched down barb.

No matter how many variables I have control over, I never expect a bite. I only hope.

I like the 7 feet of heavy mono attached to my braid with a knot like the FG or an alberto so i get that extra few feet of abrasion safety before my real leader/rig even starts. With only 7 feet and a smallknot, it is totally castable through the guides and doesnt take away casting distance because those 7 feet come off the rod so quickly that your braid takes over in the guides quickly. Setting up this way you can cut down on the length of your leader that hangs down during your cast and thus cast further.

No matter how many variables I have control over, I never expect a bite. I only hope.

i use heavy swivels…


I started with a sliding sinker rig but it was difficult to castbeing 7’ long even on a 15’ rod. Then i switched to a pulley rig using a heavy sinker slide as the pulley (held up better than using juat a heavy swivel which snapped the line in half almost immeadiately). This year im going to try an up and over rig which should be about 3 1/2’ long to cast and once ot hits the water it would open to 101/2’.