Britney Griner

People this has to be the most perverse thing since Joe stole the election… This has to be the biggest f up since the Covid fiasco. This piece of crap pizzed on foriegn country rules and got arrested. Our “president” choose to push for her release from an obvious crime!!! We have people here at home that are still behind bars for some trumped up WEED charges after 20+ years… This freaking Bittttch hates America and our “president” pushes to free her over others… This my friends is just more of the down fall of our GREAT NATION.

Politics, take this garbage to the basement where Admin wants it…

Treat the above poster with the respect he has earned. Zero!!! Does he think we all forgot how he treats people? Don’t forget. He lies constantly


At least I don’t lie about being a Wake Forest graduate and military vet…

Go back to your basement hole Admin created for you and your friends… :joy:

Come on man. Don’t you think if you or me had broken the law in Russia and we got thrown in prison that Biden would do everything in his power to get us released?

Oh yeah, probably not. It isn’t because she is an American, it is because she is a “special” kind of American. I wonder if there are other Americans that have broken the law in Russia and are still in prison over there? I’ll bet there are.

I wonder who really was behind her release? I’m guessing Obuma had a few things to say about it, we know the LGBTQMFs had a pony in the show, who else? Anyone arguing about this or wanting it to go into obscurity is just a POS. Anyone not wanting this In off topic can kiss the south end of northbound mule. This is past Political and just a plain travisty to Every American ever arrested on Weed charges. You’d think we could have some common ground and bi partisanship discussion…

The U.S. just traded the World’s most notorious Gun Dealer for a POS ball player that hates America. This dude sold arms to all sorts of terrorists no telling how many people have died because of him!

You won’t see on the main stream what kind of man Viktor Bout is…

What does the idiom Cry-Baby mean?

one who cries or complains easily or often

Good to see you trying to expand your vocabulary Bob ! Can you define “senile” for us

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Yes sir in one word “NATUREBOY” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I might be wrong but this is a queers posting ain’t it?

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Funny Bob. Have you ever met me?

Once again, can you name a single Tangible( look it up) thing Biden has done to deserve re election?

Surely you’re not going to bring up the “RED WAVE” are you? That’s been shot to hell already.

I don’t disagree with that. But still congress is looking more red every day.

What color is the senate?

How many in the house will vote “BLUE” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That’s just a bad dream you’re having. You’ll wake up one day. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Back to the subject Bob. As a Marine aren’t you just a little pizzed that Biden left a honored Marine in a Russian prison but brought an America hating dissident home? What if you knew that left behind Marine? That Biden move wasn’t exactly Semper Fi

Pick and choose each tidbit to whine and cry about. I don’t know why the man was locked up. If he broke the law that’s where he needs to be. Her too.