Bunches of possums

I have been putting out live traps the last couple weeks catching possums.
Apparently I have a Houdini possum that has been robbing the trap and not setting it off. Checked it yesterday morning and they had robbed the bait.
Got home from work yesterday and had a couple cans of sardines going to rebate my trap. Had a mother possum in it. I know she was a mother cuz I could see a couple of babies sticking their heads out of the pouch. She looked kind of rough sitting out in the sun all day. Got her watered up real good. she seemed to snap back pretty quick.
If it was legal to relocate them. I would take them and drop them off at the boat landing. Where there is a creek and a couple acres of woods. But you can kill them but not relocate them.
I don’t see the point in killing something if you’re not going to eat it. Or if it is not a physical threat.
Possums do not carry rabies. They eat insects and rodents.
I have captured 6 so far.

Try putting the bait under the trap vs inside. I like taking a short can like tuna or deviled ham cans and puttng he bait in them,then put in the ground under the trap.

Even Houdini cant do a smash and grab job on that set up.

I know stuff

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Is it legal to relocate squirrels? Never heard of it being illegal to relocate the little buggers. I sure hope I am not some kind of felon for not turning in a friend for relocating squirrels.


Eat mo possum!

Tough buggers immune to snake bites like a King Snake

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Opossums eat turkey eggs, and they’re pretty good at sniffing them out. I let them live normally around the house, but during trapping season at the hunting grounds, they get removed along with raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and bobcats. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

They’re tough to skin without ripping too because of the youngin’s pouch, use to get $2 a hide back in early 70s and not much demand for the meat.

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They are neat critters. I tried to raise a baby when I was little. I’ve heard some say they make good pets, but I’ve not seen that side. I’ve got chickens so possums don’t make it around here. I’ve never been hungry enough to eat one, but my neighbor absolutely loves them. He burns the hair off and bakes them. I’ve been temped to try it, smells good when he cooks it. He calls them Roosevelt pigs.

On this note what animals would y’all NOT eat local to the U.S.(unless gas and other prices get much higher)? Snake, possum, armadillo, coyote, dog, cat, wolf, bobcat, buzzard, … I think that covers it for me. I can’t say crow, because I’ve eaten some of that… pun intended.

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Going to take your advice and put me a can of sardines under the trap tonight.
Report back tomorrow.

Read up on possums a little bit.
Poor Mama possum can have up to 20 at a time. Then after they come out of the pouch they ride around on mom’s back. They stay with the mom for around 3 months.

I pity the possum

Locked and loaded.

What’s making all the possums come around your house?Is there a lot of trash and dead stuff?

No there’s really nothing to attract them. Just nearby woods and a lot of trees.

Check the trap this morning. There was a raccoon standing on top of it looking in. He seen me and wandered off. How about you I get him tonight

Crab pots can keep a saltwater/pluffmud smell on them for a long time, not to mention there could be small amounts of left over stinky crab trap bait. They have good noses. That’s my guess as to why they are coming around there.

Or it could be we’ve encroached on their land like the injuns?

Yeah the crab pots been hanging on my fence in the back and have not been in the water in almost a year.
I put the Crab pot so thay couldn’t reach in the back.

They have cleared about an acre of land not far down the road. I have seen 1 sleeping in the road almost every day for the last month or so.

But I can definitely see how the Crab pot would attract them.
I think I will soak my pots this weekend and see what I can come up with.

Coons are smart, urban coons are really smart.

My guess is that its the racoon that keeps pulling the Houdini on you.

Coons like honey buns and stake down your trap so they can’t tip it over.I’m glad you didn’t take my reply the wrong way. I should have worded it differently.I’m working on getting rid of the armadillos around here.haha

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I seen armadillo sleeping in the road at murrells inlet Sunday. I’ve never seen them this far north.

If that coon is too wiley you may need to get a coon cuff.

I’d say about 30 years ago we had none in colleton county, then I started seeing them dead on the interstate near Georgia, than started seeing them around Pt. South, then on to Yemasee, now the dang things are rampant here in Colleton. I kind of believed it took them a little bit to get across the rivers ?? I kill every one I can.