Bushey Park

I took these pictures at low tide last week Friday. Something to think about when you launch this year…or try to.

Yeah I went Saturday and it was all mud. Not goin back there unless they dredge that out. I had to wait an hour and still it was still too shallow to run. This guy in one of those jon boats with the mud motor was nice enough to drag me into the dock.
Just FYI Redworm, I don’t know if its my computer but your pics are not showing up.

Thanks for yore support!!

A long, ongoing issue. Wonder if it will ever get dredged?

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”.

Not showing on mine either.

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Picture veeerrryyy shallow, muddy water.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”.

I heard its urban legend that it shallow there. and the tugs going to nucor have nothing to do with anything


And yea, it’s been really low late last week in the afternoon…most of us who fish it regularly just plan for it. And it’s “Bushy”
PeaPod maybe we could submit it to Myth Busters and get to the bottom of this!

You get it? Bottom![:I] ok ok i’ll stop

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I had a phone conversation with the new Berkeley county manager last week, the money for dredging is almost approved, and he is not sure when it will happen. Isn’t this a typical politician’s answer. Furthermore, I ran into the past county manager and he tell’s me the money has been approved, however, since he is no longer in office, he has no idea when it will happen. Lastly, the old county manager from several year’s ago, suggest’s all concerned fishermen, and boater’s attend all Berkeley county council meeting and bring this subject to their attention until they are tired of hearing about it, Furthermore the North Charleston Mayor’s office told me more than a year ago that they were going to condemn some land on the Cooper for a new boat landing. More of tell them what they want to hear. I suggest we scream until some action is taken.

The saga continues,I started fishing out of that landing in 91 although it was not nearly as bad I still just planned on watching the tide char and planned my trips accordingly.I have heard all the stories that are so called planned,but have heard nothing definite. Bohicket just got a grant for new docks and all maybe we need to contact their grant writer:smiley::smiley: Best fishing to all

There’s a lot more to a dredging project than just money, and that will be a pretty major dredging project. Whoever does the work will also have to provide an upland spoil disposal site. The Corps of Engineers is not very likely to agree to allow the use of one of their sites such as Yellow House CSDS. It’s not going on Naval Weapons Station property. And the big companies that own most of the other land in the area will not be happy with it going on their lands. Once the spoil is placed, the land is not suitable for any kind of plant expansion. If a permit application is submitted to the USACOE for this project, it will also require a Coastal Zone Consistency and 401 Water Quality Certifications. Based on historic sampling of sediments in this area, it is possible the sediments will be contaminated and require a higher level of containment to prevent dispersion of contaminants into adjacent waters. It’s not as easy as Berkeley County providing funding. A permit like this could take years to get through the process. I’m not speaking off the cuff as I have been involved in regulatory issues such as this for a long time. But it would be nice to have a ramp usable at all stages of the tide.

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HEY! This is serious, it is about boating and fishing. What could be more important?

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”.

I almost refuse to use that landing until something is done. I just put in at Remley’s and make the run all the way up the Cooper.


Anyone fish for reds at bushy park or yellowhouse recently? I am new to the area and thinking of going out tomorrow. I know reds school up in this cold weather but wasn’t sure if they are this far up river. Any info would be appreciated.

You could put in at gator park… The ncfc is no more unfortunatly but bushy park is new water pump waiting to happen. Over time. The last I heard they were going to move the landing somewhere else idk

Just put in like 5 min down the road haha cypress garden has a much nicer boat ramp.

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A few years back I pulled a guy to bushy park landing.He broke down near yellow House.long ride but the worse part was trying to get to the landing.If they dredge that landing out that will be a great place to put in at.


Cypress? Unless you plan on fishing the split that’s a hefty drive/ride for putting in there! Either the park or remelys are far better options even with it being a ride from remelys as well! Stono, can’t happen soon enough!

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“you win some, you lose some…but nothing beats getting some!”

See my letter to the editor of the post and courier 17 Mar. 15. I call it discrimination against folks west of the Cooper, And these local politician’s we keep electing won’t even answer your emails or comment. Keep bending their ears as well as the Mayor’s of Charleston, North Charleston, and Monks Corner. The Berkley county supervisor and anyone else who will listen. Attend Charleston, and Berkeley county council and North Charleston, and Monks Corner city council meetings. Be very vocal at these meetings until they are tired of hearing about it. Contact Congressman Mark Sanford.

I fish at Bushy Park alot the last few years. Hope they get any issues there settled. Might give it some time before I go back.

As it’s been said before - What they really need to do is open a pipe under the road so that normal water flow will keep a channel permanently “dredged”